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Design 80

1916 Ideal Homes in Garden Communities

Design 80 from Ideal Homes in Garden Communities - 1916

"In addition to its beauty and quaint charm, this little design, reminiscent of old Madrid, embodies many livable qualities. Built of plastered adobe, brick or tile and always clean-looking, there is a feeling of privacy and repose about this bungalow. The privacy secured by small grilled front windows and high garden walls is very true to type. Many windows within the walls insure an abundance of light and air. The rear porch is a modification of the old cloister. The segregation of the sleeping quarters in one wing unites privacy of construction and plan. The central living room opening upon the rear porch suggests the patio. The dining room with its outlook on porch and garden is most happily located. The kitchen, as placed, makes possible an almost perfect garden."

This tiny Spanish Revival was probably very attractive to home builders in the Los Angeles area where Davis's architectural firm was located. The plan anticipates the "garden view" ranches of the post-WWII mid century period. It had estimated cost of between $1800 and $2100 to build in 1916.

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