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Design 64

1916 Ideal Homes in Garden Communities

1916 Design 64 - Ideal Homes in Garden Communities

"Horizontal lines are generally found predominating in the bungalow and may be said to be characteristic of houses of this type. Whenever a definite attempt is made to destroy this effect an inferior design more than probably results, since there is created an impression of dishonesty. In the above bungalow the natural horizontal lines of the roof, repeated by the band of windows, are emphasized by the contrasting vertical battens and supporting timbers of the porch, resulting in a very vigorous composition. The plan is good, with an accessible bath room, wall bed, ample closet room, breakfast nook and efficient kitchen, as the most obvious features. The recessed fireplace with wide seats on the side is very common in English houses. As many windows as possible have been used in this design."

This is a standard open floor plan seen in most bungalow plans during this period. It has pronounced Prairie Style characteristics in the ribbons of windows and its low slung profile. This 1220 sq. ft. home was estimated to cost between $1800–$2000 to build in 1916.

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