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Design 95

1916 Ideal Homes in Garden Communities

1916 Garden City Plans - Design 95

"There have been so many bungalows built in Southern California and copied thruout the United States that are of a general type that it is a great relief to find one such as this that stands out as a fresh clean-cut adaptation of the style. Channel siding and asbestos roof are well set off by interesting openings and broken roof lines. The cobbles showing through the chimney plaster are indicative of both artistic and substantial construction.

It is rare indeed that one finds a small housse that combines so many features and is yet so inexpensive. Designed for the forty-foot lot, this bungalow has all the fatures of a seven-room bungalow, sleeping-porch, ingle nook, terrace and breakfast nook."

The unusually open living and dining room provides a line of sight from the fireplace to the buffet of more than 25 feet. This small house would have cost about $2300 to build.

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