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Design 26

1916 Ideal Homes in Garden Communities

1916 Design 26 - Ideal Homes in Garden Communities

"Altho this California house is built very cheaply of inexpensive materials, its appearance, depending upon its proportions and the possession of true architectural values, is quite charming. The cost of a house has very much less to do with this than is generally supposed, and too often size alone, or some other equally irrelevant feature, is accepted as determining it architectural beauty. The specifications of this California house are as follows: dwarf studs and girders below the floor; redwood mud sills bear directly upon the ground; walls of vertical boards, battened both sides support the roof directly with out the aid of studs; boards and battens rough on the outside and smooth on the interior; inside walls of surfaced boards and battens have base and chair or plate rail; above this rail on walls and ceiling is some form of composition board panelled with battens."

The profile of this house is virtually indistinguishable from the post-WWII cottages that pre-dated the ranch style of the 1950s.

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