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Design 3

1916 Ideal Homes in Garden Communities

Design 3 - 1916 Ideal Homes in Garden Communities

"In this design we have had in mind the English cottage of the present day. The steep roof, prominent chimney, the small pane windows and the general restfulness of the lines combine to give the house a decided dignity of appearance. In the floor plan, the most important feature is the side terrace. The corridor, light and airy, giving upon the terrace and centering upon the fireplace, dignifies the interior of the house. Passing thru it from the living to the dining room, or vice versa, one receives an impression of pretentiousness not possible in the usual adjacent arrangement of the two rooms. The kitchen can hardly be improved upon."

As is seen in many plans during the Teens, this one has a shared Jack-and-Jill style bath which connects the two bedrooms. Another unique feature is the large sun room (described above as "the corridor") that separates the living and dining rooms. In 1916, it was estimated to cost $2500–3000 to build this house.

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