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Design 11

1916 Ideal Homes in Garden Communities

1916 Garden City Plans - Design 11

"The drawing here gets its inspiration from a photograph taken by the architect in a small village in England, and is a picture of a typical dwelling in such communities. Situated on the one and only street, this cottage derived particular interest from the glorious elm and quaint hedge associated with it. In the design based on the photograph the general atmosphere of the original cottage is held, insofar as it is possible with the frame construction and the new setting. The increased window space and the porch on the side strike a distinctly American note, and losing none of the architectural charm add to the apparent livableness of the house."

The roof extensions over the maid's room and porch give this house much more presence than the actual square footage implies. It could be built in 1916 for between $3500 and $3900.

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