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Design 74

1916 Ideal Homes in Garden Communities

1916 Ideal Homes in Garden Communities - 74

"This virile design was suggested by the modern ideas in home construction as seen in the latest tyes of German residences. Bold lines and simple detail, as evidenced by the plain pilasters and consoles, go hand in hand with the familiar sturdiness of the German people. Wicket gate, pergola, flower boxes and potted shrubs fit into the design and add those touches which distinguish the well cared for home. The wooden walls are painted ivory white and the roof of the shingles is painted a warm rich red. The plan shows the convenience and ciruculation which are the product the the German mind. Big living and smaller sleeping rooms, well provided with closet space, are characteristic. The porch is most efficient, serving three rooms equally well. The stairs lead to a well located cellar so important to every housewife."

An abundance of natural light defines this plan. Davis was clearly not afraid to open things up and put doorways wherever he perceived a need for accessibility. This plan, designed for a builder with better than average means, was estimated to cost between $3200 and $3700 to build in 1916.

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