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1920s Storybook Cottage - EnglishAntique Home Style is a repository of vintage design inspiration and a quiet space on a noisy, frenetic Web. With so many blogs, forums, and other opportunities for social interaction on the Internet, we didn't want to create another "wildly vibrant and creative space to share our knowledge and journey with others." We wanted a haven from the present that presents some of the coolest ideas and images we can find from the not so distant past. And nothing resonates with Americans like their homes.

Like half the population of the US, many of us have older homes, most of which were built from 1900 to 1970. Our focus here at Antique Home Style is how to live in and enjoy our older homes. There's considerable room for experimentation with new styles, taking what we can from the past, and preserving the character and integrity of our homes.

For the most part, older houses were well built using old growth timber. They were designed to be sturdy and comfortable. If you can find one that hasn't been "improved" to death, it generally has only a single bathroom. They are often modest in size and pretension: Back in the day, most people were happy to own their homes and a bit of land large enough for a flower garden with a few vegetables.

Drawing from our vintage publications and other resources, we'll open a window into the past that allows you to see how people used to live in your antique home.

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