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Design 82

1916 Ideal Homes in Garden Communities

1916 Garden City Plans - Design 82

"This picturesque bungalow, with its long sweep of front terrace and its prominent chimney, is designed for those who love the open air. The ample plan, so compact and yet containing so many desirable and essential rooms, is one that utilizes the lot to the best advantage. The weather-toned shakes, the ingle nook, and the libarary are especially pleasing. The library may be used as a spare bed room. The efficient location of the bathroom with reference to the other rooms should be noted. The sleeping porch is a desirable feature not found generallly in the bungalow. This porch and the rear bed room are very attractive. Excellent closet space is provided. The kitchen is efficiently planned and is not too large; placed on the corner, it will be cool."

This plan is a generous 1900 square feet and cost between $2700—$3100 to build. In this home, you can see the seed of the California Ranch.

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