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Design 93

1916 Ideal Homes in Garden Communities

1916 Garden City Plans - Design 93

"Many people who have visited Southern California have bcome enthusiastic about the Swiss chalet type of house. Covered with climbing roses and rising from bright beds of flowers they are undoubtedly attractive and deservedly popular.

Besides, they are a concrete proof that houses which will resist the heat will keep out the cold, being proof alike against the cold of Switzerland and the heat of Southern California."

This plan is typical of many bungalows during the 1910s with its open floor plan and ease of movement between spaces. Though Davis describes it as a Swiss Chalet, we think its design antecedents are distinctively Asian by virtue of the Japanese-influenced irimoya roof style. One could also be excused for remarking on an "airplane bungalow" look too as the architects would certainly have been familiar with the Gamble House in Pasadena. Regardless of how you describe the roof, the cost to build this plan ranged between $3100 and $3600.

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