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Design 23

1916 Ideal Homes in Garden Communities

1916 Ideal Homes for Garden Communities - Design 23

"There is perhaps no combination of building materials more popular today than tile and plaster, and when the plaster is applied over brick, concrete or hollow tile there is that assurance of permanency so desirable in a home. Modern wall and roof insulation guarantee warmth and coolness when most desired. Large windows and shady porch are modern features, and the detail of chimney and lattice set this little house apart as something that is decidedly original. The contrast of hanging baskets, flowers, and climbing roses with the tile and plaster is most pleasing to the eye. The possibilities of the wide arch between the living and dining rooms complete the feeling of openness about the house. The sleeping rooms are of a good size and have large closets. The breakfast room is well placed. The kitchen is unusually good and is very well lighted."

As is characteristic of many of the plans in this book, there is an easy flow between rooms, more than an average number of closets, and lots of windows. This plan was estimated to cost between $2200 and $2500 to build in 1916.

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