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Plan 181 by E. E. Green

500 Small House Plans From The Books of a Thousand Homes

To quote the book: "Here is a plan which would solve the narrow-lot problem for many. Although it occupies small ground space this house has all the comforts of a home, even including a reception hall, coat closet, dining alcove and towel closet. The fireplace is the center of interest in the living room and the casements at each side are high enough that permanent bookcases may be built in beneath them. The dining room has double windows on two sides, so that it is light and cheerful. There is a built-in sideboard which may also be utilized as a dresser from the kitchen." This is a small house with less than 1000 sf but it still registers as much grander than many cottage styles of similar footprint.

R. E. Green - Plan 181 - Bungalow

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