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1920s Gallery of Bathrooms

The color ads for bathrooms of the 1920s were primarily limited to Crane, Kohler, Standard Sanitary Manufacturing, but there were others like Fairfacts and the Tile Manufacturers Association that produced equally attractive images. The pictures were lushly illustrated in watercolor, pastels, and oils. Occasionally, the artist had enough commercial appeal that their name was published. Though the images depicted idealized bathroom decor, they were often the only images homemakers had to refer to when choosing paint, tile, and plumbing fixtures.

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page10_small.jpg page10_small.jpg page09_small.jpg page12_small.jpg
page13_small.jpg 1926 Crane Bathroom page15_small.jpg page16_small.jpg
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page25_small.jpg page26_small.jpg 1929 Crane Bathroom 1929 Crane Bathroom
page25_small.jpg page26_small.jpg 1929 Kohler 1929 Wolff

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