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Design No. 484

from "The Bungalow Book" by Henry Wilson (1910)

The Tudor style of this plan is so pronounced that it's easy to imagine it in a dale in England with swans gliding by on a lake and weeping willows framing its picturesque charms. Half timbered and stucco, it specifies plate glass windows. There is an inglenook in the reception hall (which is the same entry configuration as the Wright house in Oak Park) with an adjacent den on one side and living room on the other. There are two bedrooms and bath on the main floor and two bedrooms and WC on the second floor. Servants' quarters are at the rear of the house off the screened porch. Distinctive in this plan is the distance between the dining room and living room.

1910 - The Bungalow Book - No. 484

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