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Plan No. R-88

c. 1918 Representative California Homes by E. W. Stillwell

"This is perhaps our most handsome story and a half exterior. It is a house of great richness and refinement The porch masonry and outside of the fireplace are hard burned and clinker brick laid rough. The walls are shingles. The porch floor and steps are concrete. The rooms ... are well connnected and most of them easily accessible from a hall. The dining rooms and living room are separated by a wide open arch. These rooms have beamed ceilings and a paneled wainscoting. ... Provision is made for the following conveniences: Bookcases, fireplace, coat closet, kitchen cabinets, buffet, built-in refrigerator, laundry on screen porch, large closets on second floor and clothes chute." Quite a grand house at about 2500 sf, though it has but a single bathroom.

1918 Stillwel - Bungalow Plan - R88


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