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The Sentinal

1916 Sterling system Homes

The Sentinal is an eclectic style. It borrows from the Prairie School, Colonial Revival, and Craftsman bungalow. Though it lacks the horizontality of the Prairie style, it has the stucco finish and ribbon windows associated with it. The exposed rafters, shed dormer, and broad porch are reminiscent of pronounced Arts and Crafts bungalow characteristics. And the side-gabled, two-story mass, and symmetry in the facade speak to the Colonial Revival tradition.

In the interior, a tiny vestibule leads into a small hallway. The dining room is through the French doors on the left and the large livingroom is on the right. From the kitchen, access to the basement and second floor is achieved by separate stairways. The stairway to the second floor meets the stairway from the living room. Three bedrooms and a bath are on the second floor. The functionality of the plan becomes apparent when you look at the stairs in the second floor plan ... left to the kitchen (bet the homemaker liked that) or right to the livingroom. And of course, the cedar-lined linen closet was bound to be a hit.

1916 Sterling - Sentinal


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