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The Rembrandt

1916 Sterling system Homes

Dutch Colonial homes were one of the most commonly built subtypes of the Colonial Revival. They are invariably pretty houses with features like six-over-one windows, shutters, and a decorative entrance hood that welcomes anyone who comes upon them. The Rembrandt is no exception.

This is a thoroughly modern house for 1916. Like its successors built during the 1920s, it has an entrance hall and stairs to the second floor. The livingroom opens to a small covered porch. The floor plan is circular and the service entrance opens not only to the kitchen, but to the livingroom as well. On the second floor, there are four bedrooms and a large, centrally located bathroom. Possibly the most practical feature is the pantry which is close to the service entrance. (Imagine bringing the groceries in the back door and immediately putting them where they belong.)

1916 Sterling - Rembrandt

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