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The Manse & Manseigneur

1916 Sterling system Homes

One technique among home buyers was to build their home in stages. International Mill & Timber (IMT) presented the Manse and Manseigneur as an upgrade path. Or, as the catalog points out, they could "buy this charming English Tudor complete and ... not wait for the growth."

What starts out as a two-story one bedroom, one bath home eventually morphs into a five bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath home. It has some lovely large spaces by any standard and comes in at about 3000 sq. ft. when complete. It's too bad IMT didn't include a rear elevation, which appears from the plan to be almost as interesting as the front of the house.

Regardless of how long it took to achieve, the Manseigneur was a marvelous house with a maid's room and bath separate from the homeowner. A back stairway ensures that the maid could go about her business discreetly.

1916 Sterling - Manseigneur

1916 Sterling - Manse

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