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The MaCherie

1916 Sterling System Homes

Evidently the MaCherie plan was so popular that International Mill & Timber offered three variations at different price points. All embody the Arts & Crafts style in this decidedly pretty bungalow home. The low roof pitch, battered columns, large porch, and casement windows all contribute to its charms.

Plan A has three bedrooms and a bath with a long central hall. This facilitates flow from room to room and separates public and private spaces effectively. It is a very "modern" plan; despite it's modest size, it would be quite liveable today. It's "record-breaking" sales are easy to understand.

Variation B is two stories with two bedrooms up and two bedrooms down. Like all good bungalows, this is also an open floor plan. With the second story, and a total of four bedrooms, this house could have accommodated a relatively large family. The shared stairs between livingroom and kitchen, walk-thru pantry, and bedrooms accessed by the hall make this a nifty and functional plan.

The largest one-story plan was the MaCharie C shown in color below. The second most popular plan has a maid's room in addition to the two main bedrooms with the shared bath. But we have to ask: Was the maid allowed to use the bathroom? (Actually, probably not that many people had a maid, but it sounds good.)

1916 Sterling - Macherie B

1916 Sterling - MaCherie A

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