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1920 Airplane Bungalow

1920 American Builder Magazine

"SIX-ROOM HOUSES OF UNUSUAL DESIGN. Here is (sic) home that will appeal very strongly to those who are seeking something different. Built along the so-called "airplane" lines which are so popular in the west, it has many features that tend to make it unique. The cupalo effect of the second floor is one of these. At either end is a balcony covered with prepared canvas, a very popular flooring and roofing material. Two bedrooms are located on the second floor. On the lower floor are the living room, ample and comfortable dining room, bedroom, and kitchen, also a sun parlor. The chimney has been well camouflaged to conform to the general design of the dwelling. The exterior is frame and stucco. 24 by 52 feet are the dimensions." Note the two full bathrooms.

1920 Airplane Bungalow

Source: -- American Builder. September 1920.

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