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The La Vitello

1922 Lewis Manufacturing Company

1922 Lewis Mfg. - La Vitello"This very handsome and distinctive California type of bungalow is winning place of high regard in the minds of eastern people. The La Vitello is not only beautiful on the exterior but easily lends itself to combinations of grace and comfort on the inside furnishing and decoration because of its particularly fine adaptation to combination effects.

1922 Lewis Mfg. - La VitelloAs one approaches the La Vitello the very striking arrangement of the veranda is appealing and interesting in its construction. The roof is overhanging without pillars or columns to obstruct the view. The flooring is cement studded by rough stone work. The stone fireplace adds a finishing touch, being on the extreme end. The living room is large, well lighted and opens into a pleasant dining room and a cozy den. The large casement windows overlooking veranda offer a pleasant, wide sweeping front view from dining room. The breakfast room opens from kitchen and dining room and a hall connects the two bedrooms with bath and dining room."

(Lewis Homes: Homes of Character, 1922)


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