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Modern With the Price Snipped Off

Better Homes & Gardens — December 1925

"Today's designers, working with inexpensive woods, have brought these good Modern furnishings within reach of our purses in time for Christmas. Give your home a gift or two!" — Better Homes & Gardens, December 1935

1935 Russell Wright

The living room above is furnished with Russell Wright designs for Conant Ball. The modern, curved arm maple armchairs sold for $22, the matching sofa for $47. The end tables were $15 each and the tiny, round-edged coffee table was $11.

Below, the same sofa is "wrapped" by bookcases ($11). The maple table with its updated Craftsman mortise-and-tenon joinery was $24 and the benches were $9 each.

1935 Russell Wright

Other furnishings in the same article, included a dining room suite by Gilbert Rohde for Kroehler Manufacturing (below). Rohde, using oak, designed this series which was available in natural or silver-grey finishes. The streamlined table ($35), armchairs ($8), side chairs ($6.50) and buffet ($43) were considered to be mid-range furnishings in 1935 and would be roughly $1500 for the set in 2007 dollars.

1935 Gilbert Rohde - Kroehler Manufacturing

Source: Holbrook, Christine. "Modern with the Price Snipped Off." Better Homes & Gardens, Vol. 14, No. 4 (December 1935): 16, 38.

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