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1915 Kitchen Nooks

Dutch Breakfast Alcoves published in Ladies Home Journal

Kitchen Nook - 1915

"These Dutch breakfast alcoves will delight those who have been seeking suggestions for such features. The breakfast alcove is fast becoming quite popular in this country, and well it may, for it possesses many commendable points. It is equally adaptable to a small house or a large one, and, as it provides a cozy corner where the morning meal may be taken without disturbing the regular dining room, it is especially appreciated by the housewife who does her own work. When arranged for in the original plan it requires very little additional space, and the cost of adding it to the house already built is very small. By the use of curtains it may be almost as satisfactorily shut off from the kitchen proper as another room.

The corner utilized for an alcove of this kind should possess at least one window to give it natural light, as well as ventilation, especially if it is to be curtained off. It should also be provided with means for artificial lighting if possible. The table and seats should correspond in line and finish with the remainder of the woodwork of the kitchen and the table may be made either stationary or removable. It is perhaps more satisfactory to make it removable, as it can then be used for other purposes in the kitchen. The seats are designed with comfortable backs and each is long enough to accommodate easily two or three persons. An extra person may be accommodated by placing a chair at the outer end of the table. The table should be the same length as the seats, although it may vary in width according to the space at one's disposal. —Contributed by Charles Alma Byers."

Source: Edmunds, Carey. "Built-in Features for Your New Home: The Popular Breakfast Alcove and Other Built-in Ideas." Ladies Home Journal, 1915.

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