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A Bradley House — by Will Bradley

No. 5 The Reception or Living Rooms and the Hall

The following was published as fifth in a series of eight interiors by Bradley for Ladies Home Journal in 1902.

1902 Will Bradley Reception & Living Room

The Reception or Living Room: The woodwork is of deep ivory with a dull wax finish; ceiling beams, a deep rich rose; floor, oak; frieze, a thin oil glaze in deep tones on coarse canvas; panels, clear and opalescent glass in blue-grays, greens and rose-pink; electric fixtures, gun-metal gray and bright wrought and cut steel, inset with colored glass, and enameled, with opalescent globes; rugs, blue-grays, greens, reds and yellows. The window-seat is uphostered in in golden brown. The lower wall spaces of the nook are set in narrow rose-colored tiles; the upper ones show a greenish-gray ground, stenciled with a bird pattern in gray. The fireplace is of rose-colored tiles and bronze repoussé copper.

The Hall: All the woodwork is of dark greenish gray; floor, like reception or living room; wall-paper, green and brown; seats, upholstered in russet leather.

SOURCE: Bradley, Will. "A Bradley House." Ladies Home Journal, Vol. 19, (March 1902): 15.

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