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Attic Bedroom

c. 1925 by Blabon Linoleum

Like homeowners today, our grandparents and great-grandparents looked for ways to make extra room to accommodate growing children or the occasional guest. Bungalow-style homes were often especially well-suited because many were built with a half-story upstairs that was originally left unfinished.

This is an interesting color scheme because it is primarily analogous using greens and yellows as its base, but throwing in a bit of blue and orange for extra punch. A sage green (almost gray) and warm white flecked linoleum grounds the room. Hints of black help tie disparate elements together. It has an old-fashioned feel with its own charm especially in the green furniture with the black highlights and handpainted florals.

The following colors are used (top to bottom):

Warm White

Butter Yellow


Soft Sea Green

Butternut Squash

Blue Jay



1925 Blabon Linoleum Ad - Attic Bedroom 

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